"Pecan Pie" by definition refers to a sweet pie made primarily of corn syrup and pecans. Pecan pies are generally served during the holiday season and is considered a "Southern Tradition." When you combine fresh Schermer Pecans to the tasty ingredients of a pecan pie, you can't go wrong. The most important ingredient in a pecan pie is of course, pecans, so make sure you choose the freshest and best tasting pecans by choosing Schermer Pecans.

Pecan Pie

Pralines were named after a French soldier, diplomat, and sugar industrialist (Marshal du Plessis-Praslin) whose cook supposedly invented them. Sometime during the course of time the name pralines came out of Plessis-Paslin.
Whether you pronounce them as "praw-leen" or "pray-leen", they are a southern delicacy enjoyed by people around the world.


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