Fund Raising Tips

Schermer Pecan Fundraising Tips

We would like to offer you some Fundraising tips, bases on information we have learned over the years in our association with fundraising. If this is your organization's first fundraiser and you have questions after reading these tips, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you for choosing Schermer Pecans for your fund- raising project and we wish you the greatest success for your organization!

Establish A Clear Goal

Establish a clear financial goal before ordering your pecans. Knowing how much money your group needs to raise will help make the decision of much product to order.

Know Your Ordered Quantities

On a first time pecan sale, you may want to consider taking preorders on a form to be passed out and then place your order for exactly what you presale. Please call us at 1-800-841-3403 or e-mail for a special form which we will be happy to furnish to help you with that special type of project.

Establish Start and Stop Dates

Set a specific beginning and ending date for your project and stick to it. Schermer Pecans' plan is set up so that you will receive your pecans, and then remit payment in about 30 days after you receive the order with approved credit.

Choose a Project Head

Choose a chairman to head up your project, and a secretary/treasurer to handle paperwork, collect money and pay the invoice for pecans. The chairman usually places the order for the pecans.

Schedule Sales Meetings

Schedule a meeting for your entire group when delivery date of the pecans is set or the order is received. At this meeting pass out the pecans, with the secretary- treasurer keeping a record of all workers and the number of units passed out. Set the next meeting date (in about two weeks) to turn in money for pecans sold, and to check everyone's status of pecans on hand. Be sure to check the pecan order when it arrives and before passing out the pecans. Also, don't forget to communicate with everyone who misses either of the two recommended meetings. Keep those absentees involved! At this second meeting (two weeks after pecans have been passed out), organize and reassign pecans for follow-up sales. Do you need to reorder? (If sales are going better than projected, reorder now!) Have a final meeting in about two weeks to collect all money, and to mail your remittance for the 30 day project!

Have fun! With the right approach, fundraising can be enjoyable and profitable

For everyone!

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